The Rings

Size guide

Below are two methods for measuring your ring size.

Whatever the method chosen, here are some little tips to follow to obtain a reliable result:

- Measure the widest part of your finger.

- If in doubt, choose the larger one if you are hesitating between two sizes.

Method 1

You will need to have:

Your favorite ring and a millimeter ruler.

1. Measure the inside diameter of your ring in millimeters

2. Refer to the correspondence table (below) to find out your ring size.

3. You are now ready to order your beautiful ring!

Method 2

You will need to have:

A tape measure or thread and a millimeter ruler.

1. Mark a first line on your starting point.

2. Wrap your measuring tool around your finger.

3. Mark the point where your measuring tool closes the circle.

4. Take your ruler to measure the distance in millimeters from the start of your measuring tool to your mark.

5. Refer to the correspondence table (below) to find out your ring size.

6. You are now ready to order your beautiful ring!


Size guide

Below is a method to measure your wrist size.


Size guide

You will find the characteristics of the different chain sizes.

Crew neck: 30 to 33 cm

As its name suggests, the choker necklace is worn at the base of the neck. It can be embellished with a discreet, small pendant, and is generally worn with a round or boat neck. It also allows you to highlight your bust with a strapless dress.

The chocker: from 35 to 41 cm

Often compared to a choker necklace, the Choker is slightly longer and can be decorated with a slightly more imposing pendant. It goes very well with any type of collar and dresses the neck with elegance.

The princess necklace: from 43 to 46 cm

The princess necklace is the most generic and common size in jewelry. This model hits just below the collarbone, and is a pleasant piece of jewelry to wear every day. It can be decorated with a pendant and goes perfectly with most outfits.

The “matinee” necklace: from 51 to 61 cm

The matinee necklace is generally worn at chest height. It is an ideal necklace for going to work since it brings a touch of sophistication to your outfits. It goes perfectly with a pantsuit outfit or even with a dress.

The opera necklace or long necklace: from 71 to 92 cm

This type of necklace was highlighted by Coco Chanel, who loved it and wore it wonderfully! It can dress up a chic and festive outfit as well as a more formal outfit.