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Pure Safflower Oil

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Apply pure safflower oil morning or evening to the face and
eye contour to tone and soften your skin. And in the evening as a
nourishing and make-up remover oil. Start the day gently,
end it gently!

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The Greatest Safflower Pure Safflower Oil is for you if:

- You like easy-to-use products that don't leave a greasy film

- You have sensitive or acne-prone skin

- You are looking for a product made in France, because it is close to your heart!

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The oldest documented use of safflower oil dates back to ancient Egypt and the entire Near East region.

In Western Europe it was used as an edible oil, very good raw, in salads, for its contribution in essential fatty acids. Like hemp oil and camelina oil, the use of safflower oil was lost during the 19th and 20th centuries. It is now coming back, on the one hand for industry, on the other hand in organic farms, because it is a plant that combines very well with legumes, in the case of Jacques lentils and chickpeas. And that's how we rediscovered a nourishing oil, so easy to use, that nourishes your skin, your hair, the kind of little treasures that are so good to find!

To make your own healthy and natural preparations, with pure products.

the recipes.

Suggestion n°1: to lighten your hair mask with pure castor oil

A simple recipe to obtain a pre-shampoo mask for fine hair and all those who who find castor oil too thick!


- a teaspoon of pure safflower oil

- a tablespoon of pure castor

- 5 drops of pure ylang-ylang essential oil, for scent and to give your hair softness and shine

Apply the mixture to your hair, leather massaging with the pulp of your fingers, to the tips.

Wait at least an hour and wash your usual shampoo!

Suggestion n°2: in Cleansing Oil

Safflower oil is very easy to use as a cleansing oil: as it is suitable for sensitive skin, you don't have to worry about anything. And it will even remove waterproof makeup, while nourishing your skin: perfect before bed!

Vegan products not tested on animals

Packaged in France cocorico!

100% recyclable bottles
(made in Europe!)

No pure and natural chemicals

Beautiful pipettes (in glass and bamboo)

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